6.Da Nang Countryside & Hai Van Pass Explorer


  • Escape the busy of tourist sites like Da Nang or Hoi An to find your life in the countryside of Vietnam.
  • Explore countryside life,culture and habits where there is no tourism development.
  • Explore Hai Van pass to learn about the thousand years of history and culture.
  • Experience about Oyster Farm that you may see first time in your life.
  • Taste most fresh and delicious seafood in Vietnam with great views to Lang Co Lagoon.
  • Flexible,private and customized tour with your preferred itinerary with our AoDai guide.
  • Accompanied with you is a lovely Hung Le Brother/Sister who can serve you as a professional local guide,like a family member, for taking care of you for a wonderful trip

*What to expect:

If you are a adventurous and curious person. You should not miss this trip because we are definitely sure you will love it. Danang is not only famous in the beautiful scenery near the center but also has many attractions in Danang countryside. Let join “ Danang Countryside and Hai Van Pass Explorer” to create your great journey.

First of all, our professional Ao dai tour guide and driver meet you at your hotel at any time you prefer. Besides, you have chance to try on Traditional Vietnamese Clothes ( Áo sài). Taking more pictures with local people, nice landscape and new uniform will save your awesome memories in Vietnam.

This tour is the best way to explore countryside life,local culture and habits . Tuy Loan ancient village – Da Nang is the first destination located in the southwest of Da Nang City. It takes about 15km to the ancient village. On the way, you can see ‘Loan Village’, bending around the village. The scenery here is very poetic, rustic, charming and potentially interesting. Our expert guide will introduce the mark of history, traditions and cultural identity of Vietnamese people. Expanding your knowledge about a National historical-cultural vestiges for research, study and tourist attraction.

*.Tuy Loan Village:

That is interesting when you join the lesson how to make rice paper and enjoy it at the same time. We are highly believe that our tours are unique and bring more new experience to our guests.

Going pass many roads and houses, we are moving to Nam O Village which is known recently after the controversy surrounding the eco-tourism project. Nevertheless, the village by “the foot of the waves” is an interesting address for travel, enjoy food and learn history.

Have you ever seen the method of making fish sauce ? Let’s go and see! Our Ao dai guide will help you understand the steps of making fish sauce and be willing to answer your queries enthusiastically.

*.Nam O Fishing Village:

This place is a famous village for making fishing sauce in the past of Vietnam.Nam O fish sauce is made from long-jawed anchovies with a high protein content which are caught in the 3rd lunar month.  Its delicious taste is partly attributed to the fish mixed with salt which is sourced from Ca Na Beach in Ninh Thuan Province.  The grains of this salt are white, well-dried, and larger than the salt from other localities.  It is dried on a cement floor for between five and seven days, and it is then stored in pottery vats for a few of years before being used to salt the fish.  The process of salting the fish starts from the 3rd lunar month and the sauce-making will be finished in the days leading up to the next Tet Festival.  Nam O fish sauce is dark red and has a very nice aroma. It’s wonderful time to admire the ancient village space, the opportunity to attend the village. You will be very happy with impression of an ancient village, rustic natural beauty, charming people and warm, charming Vietnamese cultural identity is very worthy of the village.


After visiting Nam O, we continue to Hai Van Pass. When joining this tour and visiting this place, you will have a chance to discover peace, quiet and history along the way.

*.Hai Van Pass:

Hai Van Pass, the natural border between the two provinces of Hue and Danang City. We believe that you have to say “ Oh my god” with a length Our Ao dai guide will explain it’s name, history, interest deeply.

Hai Van Pass is like a giant dragon, which is considered to be one of the largest frontier posts in Vietnam. Our Ao dai guide will explain it’s name, history, interest deeply.

Whenever one goes through Hai Van Pass, two feelings are experienced: amazement at passing through the clouds and fear when seeing the dangerous bends of the road. . We believe that you have to say “ Oh my god” with a 21km-long road over Hai Van Pass, opened at the end of the 19th century, winds back and forth to a height of 435m above sea level. The drive over the pass gives the visitors thrill of tearing through the clouds on the winding road up and down the pass.

Hai Van Pass crosses the country from the western border to the east coast, thus creating a distinctively different climate, culture and people in the two regions. Transportation through Hai Van pass, before Hai Van tunnel built, is quite difficult. Road trip passing over the pass takes an hour, however instead you will have the opportunity to admire the pass and scenery below or witness the spectacular fog. Although the terrain of the road is quite dangerous due to high mountains and deep pools, this place is an ideal tourist destination for a stop, photographing on the way Hue – Da Nang.  It’s the best view when we stop at the top of Hai Van Pass and take photos with nature in traditional Vietnamese clothes.

*.Lap An Lagoon-Lang Co Beach

From the top of Hai Van Pass, one can admire Lang Co Beach to the north.

That is why we can not miss Lap An Lagoon-Lang Co Beach .Nestled beside the majestic Bach Ma forest and Lang Co beach, Lap An lagoon is like a highlight on the beautiful Lang Co sea picture. Besides, the lagoon is surrounded by Bach Ma Mountain, visitors who like to climb mountains can combine Lang Co – Lap An – Bach Ma routes tour. The program can go back in the day. Since the lagoon system does not have many big trees, remember to bring hats, towels, and sunscreen to protect your skin.Travel in Lap An lagoon every season is beautiful, but it is still best in March to June. In addition, when arriving Lap An, no matter what time of day, visitors will surely feel surprised by the peaceful and poetic beauty like a fairy tale. Lap An Lagoon always attracts tourists by the special blue phase between the blue of the sky clouds and the green of the mountains. In the golden sunny days, Lap An is like a big mirror of the heaven and earth reflect the majestic mountains, which is incredibly beautiful and fanciful. At the brilliant sunrise or the purple sunset, visitors here will be amazed by the beauty of the mountains, the clouds, the sky as a picturesque view.

Touring to Lang Co Beach, you have the opportunity to experience the best seafood Lang Co before returning your hotel.

We hope you will be sactified, have more new experience and know more Vietnese culture. Have a nice trip!


Duration:8-10 Hours.

  • Daily start:Any time between:7.am to 1.pm
  • Da Nang Countryiside & Hai Van Pass Explorer starts after meeting up in 10 minutes.
  • Visit Tuy Loan old village and experience about wet rice paper makings.
  • Excursion to Nam O Fishing Village for experience about fishing makings.
  • Explore Hai Van Pass to learn about Hai Van pass history.
  • Explore Oyster Farms and Lap An lagoon at Lang Co Village.
  • Taste fresh and delicious seafood at Lang Co beach.
  • After 8-9 hours,we drop you off at the hotel.

*Tour Inclusive:

  • Pick up and drop off in Hoi An or Da Nang( included DaNang Airport/Train Station/Bus Station/Sea Port)
  • All Entrance Tickets.
  • Professional English Guide(Hung Le Brother/Sister).
  • Cold mineral water and cold towels.
  • Lunch with fresh seafood.
  • 1 Item of local beer/guest.
  • Local gift.

*Tour Exclusive:

  • Other personal expenses.
  • Tips and gratuities (optional).
  • Travel Insurance.

*Tour Price:

  • 85 USD/Guest(Group 2-4 guests).
  • 75 USD/Guesr(Group 5-10 guests).
  • 65 usd/Guest(Group 11-15 guest)
  • Children is half price.
  • Infants is free.

*Tour Note:

  • Da Nang Countryside & Hai Van Pass Explorer is private,customized and flexible with any request.
  • Tour run with minimum with 2 guests.
  • Children upper 1.4.m is considered as a adult.
  • Children under 1.4.m is considered as a child.
  • Da Nang Countryside & Hai Van Pass Explorer is not recommended for guests with more than 90 kg or seniors with more than 65 years old.
  • Surcharge 15 usd for pick up and drop off at DaNang Intercontinental Sun Peninsula Resort.
  • Surcharge 30 usd for pick up and drop off at Tien Sa Seaport(just pick up at the security gate).
  • Only recommended guests to bring Camera and money enough for personal expense.
  • We do not responsible for any personal belongings(wallet,watch,bag…).
  • Surcharge 12 usd/guest if request for Han River Cruise Experience in Da Nang city.