3.Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods


  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods  is the best ways to explore the culture,history,landscape,cuisine of Hoi An ancient town.
  • Explore famous tourist sights of the ancient town at the same time taste the best street foods of the town.
  • Get deep insights the landmarks and hidden sights of the town that other tours can not offer.
  • Flexible,private and customized tour with your preferred itinerary at free and easy.
  • Accompanied with you is a lovely Hung Le Brother/Sister who can serve you as a professional local guide,a warm friend like a family members for taking care of you for a wonderful trip
  • Besides the popular tourist sights,we take you to the hidden places not listed in guide books.

Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods

*What to expect:

Hoi An old quarter is located on the bank of Thu Bon River, in Quang Nam province, about 30 km from Da Nang city. Also known as Faifo, thanks to favorable geographic and climatic factors, Hoi An was a busy international port, where the Japanese, Chinese and Western merchant ships met during the 17th and 18th centuries.The old quarter of Hoi An is a typical example of traditional ports in Southeast Asia preserved intact and thoughtful. Most of the houses here are traditional structures dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries, along the small streets. Lying between the houses of the city, religious architecture, beliefs demonstrate the process of formation, development and even decay of the city. Hoi An old quarter is also a landmark of mixed cultural intercourse. The shrine, temples bearing traces of the Chinese are located in the traditional houses of Vietnamese and French-style houses. Besides cultural values ​​through architecture, Hoi An also preserves a rich and diversified intangible culture. The daily life of the old town residents with their customs, beliefs, folk arts and cultural festivals are still being preserved and developed. Hoi An old quarter is considered a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle.

We will walk with you to visit many beautiful places at Hoi An ancient town;

1.Japanese Bridge.In the early 17th century the Japanese settlers built it to make it easier to do business with the local people in the residential area. Later the Chinese and Vietnamese continued to restore the bridge and built a small temple, dedicated to the God of the North.Throughout the centuries the bridge became famous for its supernatural powers and it is still a sanctuary for the local people.

2.Tran Ancestor Worshiping House.Erected in the 19th century, Tran Ancetor Worship House is a typical building of ancestor worship houses in Hoi An. It was built as a Vietnamese garden house with three main horizontal parts and two wings. It reflects the Vietnamese tradition and proves the economic and cultural exchange between Vietnam and China in the former centuries

3.Phung Hung Ancient House:

This is the most famous ancient house in Hoi An. It was built in 1780, when the city was prospering. The owners kept the original documents about the architecture, culture and lifestyle of Hoi An. However, as far as we were concerned all you could see there were souvenirs and paintings for sale. Quite a shame as the house had a really beautiful and interesting decor.

4.Chinese Assembly Halls:A small but yet impressive temple with a lovely courtyard and a beautiful statue of a dragon and a carp. The place wasn’t too crowded when we visited and it was a pleasure to walk around and admire the architecture.The Assembly Hall was built in the 18th century and its main altar is dedicated to Quan Cong, one of the legendary Chinese military generals.

5.Local Central Market.A real treat for those who love shopping. At Central Market in Hoi An you can buy everything – fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, but you can also make a suit or a dress at a tailor or stock up on souvenirs for family and friends. It is a unique place where tourist industry mixes with traditional way of life.

You can visit Hoi An old town on foot, watching or posing to take photos of the lantern, daily life.. Walking in the full moon night is a special experience, see the bright lantern booths hanging along the street, shop the handicrafts souvenir.

At the same time,we taste special street food of Hoi An as belows;

1.Cao Lau Noodles-Hoi An specialty Food.

2.White Rose Dumpling-Best Hoi An Starter.

3.Hoi An Banh My(Vietnamese baguette)-Best baguette on the world.

4.Hoi An Chicken Rice-Best Chicken Rice in Vietnam.

5.Hoi An Herbal tea-Best Hoi An Dessert.

Hoi An Adventurous Foods


Duration:6-8 Hours.

  • Daily start:Any time between:7.am to 4.pm
  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods starts after meeting up in 10 minutes.
  • Visit Japanese Bridge.
  • Visit Chinese Assembly Halls.
  • Taste White Rose Dumpling and HoiAn Chicken Rice.
  • Walk to visit old houses.
  • Taste Banh My.
  • Walk to visit Local Market.
  • Taste Cao Lau.
  • Walk through hidden alleys.
  • Taste Hoi An herbal Tea.
  • After 4-6 hours,we drop you off at the hotel.

*Tour Inclusive:

  • Pick up and drop off in Hoi An.
  • All Entrance Tickets.
  • Professional English Guide-AoDai sister.
  • Cold mineral water and cold towels.
  • Taste up to 5 different local dishes as your full delicious lunch or dinner.
  • 1 Item of local beer/guest.
  • Local gift.

Hoi An Adventurous Foods

*Tour Exclusive:

  • Other personal expenses.
  • Tips and gratuities (optional).
  • Travel Insurance.

*Tour Price:

  • 50 USD/Guest(Group 2-4 guests).
  • 40 USD/Guesr(Group 5-10 guests).
  • 35 usd/Guest(Group 11-15 guest)
  • Children is half price.
  • Infants is free.

*Tour Note:

  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods is private,customized and flexible with any request.
  • Tour run with minimum with 2 guests.
  • Children upper 1.4.m is considered as a adult.
  • Children under 1.4.m is considered as a child.
  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods is not recommended for guests with more than 90 kg or seniors with more than 65 years old.
  • Surcharge 15 usd/one way pick up from Da Nang city.
  • Only recommended guests to bring Camera and money enough for personal expense.
  • We do not responsible for any personal belongings(wallet,watch,bag…).
  • Surcharge 12 usd/guest if request for HoiAn Lantern Makings at the town.