3.Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods


  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods  is the best ways to explore the culture,history,landscape,cuisine of Hoi An ancient town.
  • Explore famous tourist sights of the ancient town at the same time taste the best street foods of the town.
  • Get deep insights the landmarks and hidden sights of the town that other tours can not offer.
  • Flexible,private and customized tour with your preferred itinerary at free and easy.
  • Accompanied with you is a lovely Hung Le Brother/Sister who can serve you as a professional local guide,a warm friend like a family members for taking care of you for a wonderful trip
  • Besides the popular tourist sights,we take you to the hidden places not listed in guide books.

Hoi An Adventurous Street Foods

*What to expect:

It is very easy to see why Hoi An was voted 2019’s best city in the world in Travel and Leisure’s annual “World’s Best” survey. This charming city is home to welcoming locals, an incredible food scene, unique architecture and an easy-going atmosphere, all originating from ancient roots. That is also the reason we would like to bring you to Hoian and try the best food  here. Unlike another tours you have participated, coming to us you will have new experiences to be local people wearing Vietnamese traditional costume ( Áo Dài) and accompanying Ao Dai Guides as your buddy. We make a unique schedule to combine eating and sightseeing.

Let’s start. Our driver and charming Aodai tour guide will meet you at your hotel at any time you want. Following our knowledgeable Aodai guide to explore Hoi An  Ancient Town on this incredible walking tour that highlights the sites and attractions of this popular destination, which have gone unchanged or more than 200 years.

Do you have any 20.000vnd in your wallet?.Let check. What is the symbol behind 200,000 VND. We are stay here- the Japanese Bridge.  It is a must-visit attraction in Hoi An, is a beautiful historical of Japanese architecture that dates back to the 17th century.

The Aodai tour guide will help you to know more about the bridge’s name, history.

*.Japanese Bridge.

Strolling through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An and discover a complex history that borrows from a variety of cultures. The Aodai guide leads you through the Old Town to see examples of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese influences in Hoi An and learn about the city’s history.

As the Chinese immigrants reached the central part of Vietnam known as Hoi An today, they decided to create the opportunities for themselves and the next generations to socialize and protect the Chinese traditions by building many Assembly Halls.Building Assembly Halls as a place to socialize for themselves and the next generations is a tradition of Chinese people when they migrated or did business in another country. Therefore, a lot of Assembly Halls of this type can be found in Vietnam today. In Hoi An Town, which has a long history of international trade, there are 5 Assembly Halls constructed by the Chinese. We will go inside and discover some of assembly halls to realize each Chinese community has its own beliefs, different assembly halls worship different gods and goddesses.

*.Tran Ancestor Worshiping House.

*.Phung Hung Ancient House:

*.Chinese Assembly Halls:

*.Local Central Market.

It’s time to eat after visiting some places. Hoi An is one of our favorite culinary cities in Vietnam. Starting our food tour with White Rose Dumpling Cake and Hoian Chicken Rice. You will not have a total experience with Hoi An’s food  if you do not taste local specialties White Rose Dumling cake including rice, pork, mushroom, thinly sliced onions stir-fried with the esoteric species. Perhaps the species are the reason why dumplings can only be delicious in Hoi An. Hoi An is not the only home to chicken rice in Vietnam, but local people have developed its recipe and built reputations for the dish. Ingredients are selected carefully, including jasmine rice, a chicken, onions and sauce. Tasting them and learn how to make them with our friendly Aodai guide. Let’s “Cheer” by Vietnamese.

Continuing this trip, taking photos with Vietnamese traditional clothes. Hoian is the combination of the architecture, the color palette and all the lighted up lanterns that make this place pop! This is why wearing Aodai during this trip is the best way to save your memories here.

Along with the ups and downs of history, Hoi An ancient town still retains the ancient features of the past. When you go on Hoi An tours, you can immediately see this in the ancient houses such as Phung Hung Old House, Tan Ky Old House.Hoi An ancient houses are the harmonious integration of Vietnamese-Chinese-Japanese-French architectural styles. The skillful hands of the generations of artisans have built up, blending the diversity of these architectural traditions into a harmonious combination. Come and See!

When visiting Hoian, we can not miss  a local bakery famous for their banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich. They have been using the freshest ingredients to make these scrumptious sandwiches for decades and it is no wonder that they are famous. You can see have to make a long line to get it. Our Aodai guide will help you to taste it easily.

A popular home for expats looking for a more local and authentic Vietnamese experience in Hoi An, which is local market. A real treat for those who love shopping. At Central Market in Hoi An you can buy everything – fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, but you can also make a suit or a dress at a tailor or stock up on souvenirs for family and friends. It is a unique place where tourist industry mixes with traditional way of life.

By the way, Our Aodai guide will introduce Cao Lau to you. Cao Lau is the foremost traditional food in Hoian. It doesn’t taste like another Vietnamese noodles, no one can surely recognize it as being comparable to Chinese or Japanase cuisine. It looks like Chinese food but different taste. Untill now, the origin of Cao Lau is still enveloped mystery.


Hoi An Adventurous Foods

At the end of this trip. This time to drink Herbal Tea and take a rest before baking to your hotel.

Not only famous for its heritage values recognized by UNESCO, Hoi An is known as a heaven for food lovers to enjoy Vietnamese traditional dishes and discover its sophisticated culinary art. Welcome ti Hoi An City Tour and Local Street Foods, the best way to explore the whole Hoian.


Duration:6-8 Hours.

  • Daily start:Any time between:7.am to 4.pm
  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods starts after meeting up in 10 minutes.
  • Visit Japanese Bridge.
  • Visit Chinese Assembly Halls.
  • Taste White Rose Dumpling and HoiAn Chicken Rice.
  • Walk to visit old houses.
  • Taste Banh My.
  • Walk to visit Local Market.
  • Taste Cao Lau.
  • Walk through hidden alleys.
  • Taste Hoi An herbal Tea.
  • After 4-6 hours,we drop you off at the hotel.

*Tour Inclusive:

  • Pick up and drop off in Hoi An.
  • All Entrance Tickets.
  • Professional English Guide-AoDai sister.
  • Cold mineral water and cold towels.
  • Taste up to 5 different local dishes as your full delicious lunch or dinner.
  • 1 Item of local beer/guest.
  • Local gift.

Hoi An Adventurous Foods

*Tour Exclusive:

  • Other personal expenses.
  • Tips and gratuities (optional).
  • Travel Insurance.

*Tour Price:

  • 50 USD/Guest(Group 2-4 guests).
  • 40 USD/Guesr(Group 5-10 guests).
  • 35 usd/Guest(Group 11-15 guest)
  • Children is half price.
  • Infants is free.

*Tour Note:

  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods is private,customized and flexible with any request.
  • Tour run with minimum with 2 guests.
  • Children upper 1.4.m is considered as a adult.
  • Children under 1.4.m is considered as a child.
  • Hoi An City Tour & Local Street Foods is not recommended for guests with more than 90 kg or seniors with more than 65 years old.
  • Surcharge 15 usd/one way pick up from Da Nang city.
  • Only recommended guests to bring Camera and money enough for personal expense.
  • We do not responsible for any personal belongings(wallet,watch,bag…).
  • Surcharge 12 usd/guest if request for HoiAn Lantern Makings at the town.